Professional Fight Choreography


**Cyrano     -     The House Theatre of Chicago (Asst. Fight Choreo & Fight Captain)     -     Matt Hawkins

Hamlet     -     Chicago Shakespeare Theater (Asst. Fight Choreo)     -     Kirsten Kelly

The Iron Stag King    -     The House Theatre of Chicago     -     Nathan Allen

The Crownless King     -     The House Theatre of Chicago     -     Nathan Allen

Death and Harry Houdini     -     The House Theatre of Chicago     -     Nathan Allen

6 Characters in Search of an Author     -     The Hypocrites     -     Halena Kays

*The Dancing Plague     -     Right Brain Project     -     Nathan Robbel

*Electra Garrigo     -     Right Brain Project     -     Kathy Kaiti

*Raised in Captivity     -     Right Brain Project     -     Kathy Kaiti

*A Forest Dark     -     Right Brain Project     -     Justin Verstraete

Gone Dark     -     Otherworld Theatre     -     Tiffany Keane

Shave and a Haircut     -     Wildclaw Theatre (Co-Fight Choreo)     -     Ryan Oliver

Fight Quest: The Lair of Lost Heroes     -     Otherworld Theatre (Co-Choreo)     -     Justin Verstraete

Fight Quest: The Bandits of Hollow Hill     -     Otherworld Theatre (Asst. Fight Choreo)     -     Moira Begale

A Midsummer Nights Dream      -     Two Pence Theatre Co     -     Shannon Fillion

Richard II     -     Two Pence Theatre Co    -     Kathryn Walsh

As You Like It     -     Two Pence Theatre Co     -     Lucy Carpetyan & Michael Mercier

RAW       -     Deluge Theatre Collective (Co-Fight Choreo & Fight Captain)    -     Tara Branham

*George and the Floating Cookbook     -     Reutan Theatre Collective     -     Justin Verstraete

one week in spring    -    Halcyon Theatre     -     Tara Branham

All American Gender Fuck Cabaret     -    Pride Films and Plays     -     Tara Branham

The Old Ball Game     -     First Floor Theatre     -     Tara Branham

Your Own Backyard     -     Chicago Home Theatre Festival     -     Tara Branham

The Warward Women     -     We Three Theatre     -     Jared McDaris

Countess Bathory     -     We Three Theatre (Fight Captain)     -     Jared McDaris

Smart Phones: A Pocket Sized Farce     -     Trap Door Theatre     -     Emilio Williams

Night Lights     -     Living Room Playmakers     -     Kathryn Walsh

Rough Magic     -     Teatro Necessario     -     Justin Verstraete

Two's a Murder, Four's a Scandal     -     Teatro Necessario     -     Justin Verstraete

The Violent Hour     -     The Rough Theatre Company     -     Sean Cummings

Fight Quest    -     Nothing Special Productions / Otherworld Theatre     -     Justin Verstraete & Kai Young

American Macabre     -     Nothing Special Productions / The Rough Theatre Company     -     Justin Verstraete

Six Degrees of Separation     -     Nothing Special Productions / The House Theatre     -     Justin Verstraete

Dead Man's Cell Phone     -     Bradley University     -     Sarah Martin

Mr. Burns, a post electric play     -     Bradley University     -     Scott Kanoff

Twelfth Night     -     Bradley University     -     Scott Kanoff

Almost, Maine     -     Loyola University     -     Chris Thoren

Pinocchio     -     The House Theatre / Bradley University Theatre     -     Carolyn Defrin

Picture Imperfect     -     Bread and Roses Productions     -     Michael Stults

Disney's Peter Pan The Musical     -     Storm Dance Alliance     -     Tahnee LaMon

The Magical World of Ashanti Girl Wizard      -     Studio One Dance Theatre     -     Dre Robinson

KILL HARD     -     The DREam Factory     -     Dre Robinson

Best Three Minutes of My Life     -     Just Passing By Theatre     -     Brian Fruits

 The Wedding Singer     -     Timberlake Playhouse     -     Brad Lyons

Teenage Dream     -     Gorilla Tango Theatre     -     Julian Stroop

Pirates of Penzance      -     Bradley University     -     Steve Snyder

Patrick Day Needs a Change       -     Bradley University     -     Ben Scarbrough

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged       -     Bradley University     -     Eric Zuber

Helen at Risk       -     Bradley University     -     Dana Trampas

Deathtrap     -     Bradley University (co-choreo w/ Steve Snyder)     -     Steve Snyder

1984     -     Bradley University (co-choreo w/George H. Brown)       -     Dana Trampas

**Jeff Award Winner - Best Fight Choreography

*Artistic Associate/Ensemble Member

Film / Stunt Work

Imperium     -     Stunt Supervisor / Imperium Agent -    Bland Productions, LLC     -     Sarah Salazar

Radio / Podcasts

Pleasuretown     -     Fight Choreographer     -     WBEZ     -     Erin K. Kahoa

Training, Classes, Workshops

Unarmed, Rapier / Single Sword, Broadsword, Firearms

Basic Knife, Basic Ground Fighting, Basic Quarterstaff, Basic Bullwhip

SAFD Actor Combatant Workshop     -     The Actor's Gym     -     Chuck Coyle

Big Bang! Firearms Master Class     -     Milwaukee Rep     -     Jim Guy

SAFD Winter Wonderland Workshop  

Workshop Leader/Guest Lecturer

Bradley University

  1. Basic Hand to Hand Workshop - THE 115 "Fundamentals of Acting" (Spring '13, Fall '13, Spring '14, Fall '14, Spring '15, Fall '15, Spring '16, Fall '16, Spring '17)
  2. Lecture - THE 131 "Theatre Appreciation" (Spring '13, Spring '16)
  3. Basic Hand to Hand Workshop - Majors (Spring '13)

Dundee-Crown High School / Two Pence Theatre Co's Fall Festival of Shakespeare

  1. Basic Hand to Hand Workshop (Fall '13)

Limelight Theatre

  1. One Day Intensive Stage Combat Workshop (Summer '14)

Storm Dance Alliance

  1. "Act like a Fighter. Fight like an Actor" Hand to Hand workshops for multiple age groups. (Summer '14)

Performing Arts studio - Teaching Artist - Stage combat

  In the fall of 2017 Justin accepted his role as Teaching Artist at the Performing Arts Studio

In this role he specializes in teaching the basics, the tricks, and (for fakesies) the brutality of stage combat to students of all ages and skill levels in the Lincoln Park based studio.

Click HERE to sign up for one of his classes.