Before the fall

Table Reading at Prop Thtr - Church of the New Play

Written by Justin Verstraete

Featuring Jon Beal, Catherine Dvorak, Abby Blankenship, Ashley Lynch, Emily Lindberg, Stephen Dale, Jillian Leff, Mike Danovich, Kellen Marie, Sarah Bell, Elliott Sowards, Gaby Martineau, James Martineau, Will Snyder, Chloe Streif, Erika Lebby, Matthew Torres, Sarah Tillford, Joolz Stroop, and Jacob Bates.

June 16, 2019 at 11am

at Prop Thtr 3502 W Elston, Chicago, IL

Rome's fiercest warrior. Re-Imagined. 

This re-imagination of the Tragedy of Coriolanus by William Shakespeare theorizes a new version of the historic fall of the greatest empire in western civilization. The play follows General Caius Martius' journey from being Rome's most elite soldier to being it's most hated enemy. Martius defies Roman traditions, wreaks havoc on his friendships (the few that he has), nearly burns his family’s legacy to the ground, and even turns his back on his homeland when he joins the ranks of his arch nemesis. What will come before the fall of Rome? Martius will.

Image by Joseph Ramski III