George and the floating cookbook


REUtan Theatre Collective

Written by Fee Basanavicius

Dates: September 7-23 @ 7:30pm

Tickets $15 at

Performances at Nox Arca 4001 N Ravenswood

Assistant Directed by Shannon Bachelder

Featuring: Dani Loumena, Jen Bennett & Eddie Reynolds

George and the Floating Cookbook will appear as one part of the Nox Arca One Act Play Festival featuring performances by other Chicago based companies just as Death and Pretzels and Otherworld Theatre.

George wakes up in the middle of the night to what he thinks is an intruder, but turns out to be a ghost that’s been haunting his kitchen for the past 13 years. When George figures out his problem is beyond this world, he deals with the situation the best way he knows how to: by talking it out. He quickly learns that the most difficult part of his evening won’t be getting rid of an angry spirit, but finding closure.