It is my mission to see 52 movies in 52 weeks.

I go to the movie theatre a lot. I'd say that I go way more than is acceptable by most movie lovers.

Netflix is wonderful. Hulu has the criterion collection. HBO isn't tv, it's HBO. But nothing can compare or will ever replace the experience of sitting in a large auditorium, my feet up on the rail, a coke in my cup holder and being surrounded by a community of movie goers all absorbing the same story. Hooting and hollering together. Crying together. Or simply just enjoying 90 minutes away from their hectic lives. You know, having a cathartic experience.

Not only do I enjoy the atmosphere, the big screens, or finding new theatres that I've never been to but I also find great value in viewing some of the best (and worst stories) thatHollywood has to offer. I firmly believe that anyone can learn something from the entertainment they consume - good, bad, or indifferent. Going to the movies is perfect research for the art I want to create. I walk out of every movie having learned something. In each movie going experience I learn something about storytelling, story structure, dialogue, writing, stunts and choreography. Each viewing I pick up something different about camera angles, editing, composition, sound design or costuming. Or the best experiences leave me pondering the themes and conflicts or attempting to answer the big questions the movie was setting forth as I make the drive back home.

The purpose of my mission is to chronicle what I learn from all of the movies that I see at the theatre for one year.

This blog, if you can call it that, is straight-up inspired by, ctrl c ctrl v, and stolen from the #DLMChallenge which was created by comedian, podcaster, and movie lover Doug Benson. Those who accept the challenge attempt to watch 365 movies in 365 days. The movies don't necessarily need to be watched at a theatre, they can also be viewed on Netflix and HBO or other outlets. My "52 Movies / 52 Weeks" challenge is a justification for my frequent trips to the theatre.  

This chronicle is not about reviewing the art for commercial gain or to criticize those who create it. It is my hope that it will simply serve as a road map in my learning process. To share what I enjoyed or didn't care for. Articulate the wonderful and absurd. Share what I find to be amazing storytelling and hopefully figure out how I want to infuse the best stuff I find into my various art forms.